Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Day of Love

Yesterday was a nice day.  I'm not really big on Valentine's Day... I think we should show our love for each other every day.  Still, it was fun to get and give little gifts to show appreciation.  Nineteen years ago, on Valentines Day, my sweetheart gave me my engagement ring.  We had actually made the decision to get married a month before, but it became official on Feb. 14th, with both our families around us, as we ate at a restaurant in Logan.

Just like me, my ring is now a little less shiny, with a few nicks and scratches. However it means much more to me now, than it did when it was sparkly and new.   I love my Tony more than ever, and am happy that he is my eternal Valentine!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Feeling the Winter Blah's

January was kind of a tough month for me.  The fun and sparkle of Christmas is over, the house is dirty, the days are dark and cold.  I'm glad it's now February!  Things are pretty much the same, but somehow it just 
feels better. 
Tony's dad, Delmar, passed away on January 17th.  Although we knew it would happen, it was very difficult.  We are very sad that we don't get to be with our Derricott grandparents again on earth.  We are happy that they get to be together again though!  We miss them a bunch!  This is a picture of Tony and his siblings at the gravesite.

I was able to get a quilt done last month, and that always makes me happy. I even got all the kids to help me with it a bit! I've also been working on embroidering some dish towels to give as wedding gifts.  It always makes me feel good to create something, even if it's something small!  

School is going well.  I like my classes, and look forward to finishing my Bachelor's Degree.  I should finish in about 2 years, if I continue taking 2-3 classes at a time.  Woooo-hoooo!!!!!