Sunday, September 13, 2009

Settling In

Life is finally slowing down, and I feel like a human being again!  We moved into our new house about 4 weeks aago.  It was very fun, but hard too.  We lived without a refrigerator, washer, or dryer for 10 days, till ours arrived.  During that time we had company twice.  Tony's Mom had a stroke, and that has been hard on everyone.  We are not able to visit her as often as we'd like.  My Grandpa has been having serious heart trouble, but had surgery yesterday and things are looking up.  We've all been sick with nasty colds.  School started, and with all the kids in different schools, it's been hard to keep up! 
A bunch of Derricott cousins at the Johnny Sack cabin in Island Park.

Yesterday the kids all participated in a 1-mile fun run.  It was a beautiful morning!  Emily ran most of the way, but due to colds and un-fitness, the boys walked most of it. 

 We were so surprised at the end when Erik was announced as the first place winner in his division!!!!  He got a medal and is so very proud of it!!!  After the race, there was a drawing.  Jacob won a football.  At the end, the grand prizes were two new bikes.  We couldn't believe it when Erik was called as the winner of one of them!!!  It was so funny because it was about 2 feet high with training wheels!!!!

Erik was so sweet about it!  He took it to Walmart and exchanged it for a girls bike for Emily, since she has outgrown hers, and he got a new bike last Christmas.  Sometimes my kids amaze me!