Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Yes, there still IS a Tara Derricott

I have had several questions about why I am not blogging regularly any more.  The answer is..... ?   I guess I just haven't prioritized it!  These days, I try to accomplish the most important things on my long, long list, and the others get put off till another day.  My blog just keeps getting lower on the list!  Life is busy for everyone, but mine is starting to control me, rather than the other way around.  Time to take control!!!!

I started taking some classes at BYU-I, and have mixed feelings about it.  It is fun to be learning in a classroom again, but it takes a lot of time away from other things.  I'm getting used to doing homework again after almost 20 years of not doing it!!!

I also started working part time at the campus bookstore.  I really like working there as a cashier.  Luckily they only need me occasionally, when it's really busy... unfortunately when it's really busy there, I'm also busy!  I got to sell a BYU_I tie to Elder Russell M. Nelson when he was here to dedicated a new building on campus.  That was cool!

As always, Relief Society keeps me hopping.  I LOVE the ladies I serve and those I work with.  This calling is definitely a challenge to me.

I haven't cleaned the house since we had company for Christmas.  The laundry has started multiplying by itself, and a healthy, home-cooked meal has been seen around here for quite some time.  BUT, we all are happy, healthy, and lead very blessed lives!  I can't complain!