Friday, February 24, 2012

Sociological Imagination

One of the classes I am taking is called "Sociological Explorations".  It reminds me of  the movie Dead Poets Society.  Our teacher is quite unconventional, and I am enjoying learning in a different way than usual.  Right now we are studying a book by C.Wright Mills, called "The Sociological Imagination".  Our assignment today was to write a poem about the sociological imagination.  Here is my work of "art?"

To be a social scientist true
there are some things that you must do.
First of all, to get your thrills,
you must read books by C Wright Mills.
Don't let theory and method be your core
or let empiricism become your chore.
You must be able to incorporate
values and history, religion and state.
Don't work for "the Man" just to earn a buck.
If you do, you'll just be a schmuck.
Don't work to justify bureaucracy's creations,
instead use your brain; your sociological imagination!
Solving social problems must be your focus
as your work sociological hocus-pocus!

Monday, February 20, 2012

  Emily and I made chocolate chip cookie cups for her birthday party this weekend.  We made regular cookie dough, and added mini chips.  We thought that the regular size chips would just be too big.  Then we smooshed the dough on the back of a muffin tin, using every other "bump", cause they kind of spread out.  Bake for about 8 min....(they cooked fast because of the dark pan).  Then, let them cool on the pan, because if you try to remove them while warm, they break into pieces and you have to eat them!  We are going to put a scoop of ice cream in them, and top with sprinkles for her party! 

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Cold Encouragement

  I have had a cold for the past few weeks.  The package of Halls cough drops that I have been sucking on has been making me feel much better.  There was a little advertisement on the corner of the package that says "A Pep Talk in Every Drop".  I get excited every time I have to grab for one of these!  My most recent one said "Tough is your middle name".  The one before that told me "Don't try harder, Do harder!".  I don't know if the cough drops are actually helping, but I sure enjoy laughing at the words of encouragement I get each time I have a coughing fit!  They should make some that say stuff like "Stop your whining!" or " Suck it up, you pansy."