Monday, October 17, 2011

Free Kittens and Eagles

I saw a sign along the road the other day that said "Free Kittens".  I stopped to take a look, and couldn't resist!  Our poor Pepper is still very sick, and I thought a kitten might motivated him to eat and move around a little more.  So... Here is Tipsy.... named because of the tips of her ears and tail, and the way she is always falling off of things.  Pepper just ignores her, except when she bounces on him, then he growls....

On another note, Jacob had his board of review for his Eagle Scout award last night.  I was pretty nervous, but it went well.  He was approved and recommended to the National organization to become an Eagle scout!!!  I am overwhelmed, thinking of how far he has come.  His autism causes him a lot of difficulty, but he is so strong and able to do so much!  He is definitely a hero in my eyes!