Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Turkey treats

For our big family Thanksgiving dinner, I was given a fun assignment.  I am supposed to bring jam, and treats for the kids.  Nothing fancy about the jam, but I sure had fun making these turkey cookies and "corn on the cob"! 

Friday, November 21, 2008

This has been a busy week for me.  As the Compassionate Service person in our ward, I have had two funeral luncheons to put together.  Not only have I never done this before, one of the funerals will be a very large one, with most of the stake involved.  I loved both of the ladies that passed away, and want to do my best for them.  The first, and smaller funeral was yesterday.  Thanks to the wonderful help of friends and ward members, I think it went well.  The food was all cooked and delivered on time (mostly), we didn't run out of anything, and the family seemed to be very grateful.  WHEW!!!!!  Now that this first one is over, I feel like we can handle the second one.  I will spend today getting ready for tomorrows big one.  I need to deliver some hams to be baked, get tablecloths and dishes ready, set up the Primary room for overflow, fill salt and pepper shakers, and draw up some assignment lists for the people helping tomorrow.  I am so thankful to everyone who signed up to bring food and to help cook, serve, and clean up!!!!!  I am glad to help and serve, but I will be VERY glad tomorrow night, when I can relax!!!

Monday, November 17, 2008


Well, I just turned another year older.  I have mixed emotions about my birthdays.  I really like getting presents and having everyone treat me special.... but on the other hand, I feel like I have to be worthy of the special treatment, and I start to see all the areas I need to work on.
I got two gifts this year that I am really excited about.  One is a membership to the health club, and the other is a circular saw.  I really have a hard time getting out and exercising in the cold, dark winter, so the club should be nice.  Maybe by my next birthday I'll be a lean, mean, exercising machine!!!! (Don't hold your breath)  I am always borrowing my parents power tools to fix things and build things... so I'm thrilled to get my own circular saw (and Dad will be happy to get his back! :) )  I know most gals wouldn't be too excited about getting tools for their birthdays, but it really made me happy!!!  Thanks everyone for  the presents, cards and phone calls!!!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Forgotten Garnishes

My good friend asked me to help with a dinner last Saturday night. We had a good time planning the menu, oriental theme, decorations, etc... I spent several hours making these lovely garnishes out of green onions and mini-peppers. Unfortunately, I forgot them at home, in the fridge, until we started preparing the food! By then it was too late to drive back, so we served an "ungarnished" dinner, and my family had a beautiful meal on Sunday!!!

Friday, November 7, 2008

A Little Organization

Lately my home has fallen apart. Everywhere I look there are piles of things to be finished, sorted, delivered, put away, or thrown away. Today I attacked a small corner and got my fabric sorted and folded. I got rid of 3 boxes of fabric that I know I will never use! Now I only have 99% more of the house to go through!!!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Last Week of October

Emily was a bride for Halloween. My boys decided that they were too big to dress up and go door to door. They did make the rounds at the ward trunk-or-treat though.

This has been a busy, strange, and somewhat disturbing week. I had a great many commitments and appointments. There were a lot of fun activities and Halloween celebrations. There were also more than the usual "not fun" things. My grandpa had a small heart attack. (He's home and doing well.) A friend passed away after a painful fight with cancer. I found that a wonderful cousin has been dealing with some abuse and marital problems. My friend's 2-year old had a fever-induced seizure that badly scared us.

All these experiences have made me think about my own life and what's important to me. I'm so grateful for the many, many blessings I enjoy each day!!! At the same time, I feel a "helplessness" about all the pain and suffering in the world. What can I do, as one small person, to make things better? I can only do so much, then I run out of time, energy, and/or money. I know that there's not one "answer" to all this, but it's just something that is on my mind!