Saturday, March 16, 2013

Why so hesitant?

I got a facebook message a couple days ago from my cousin, Tami.  She asked if she and her daughter could spend Friday night at our house.  Of course, she was welcome to come.  I really enjoyed visiting with her and finding out about her family and life. The thing is, I haven't seen or talked to her for probably 5 years, and before that it had probably been 10 years.  I am wondering why we hesitate to connect with family unless we have a specific "reason"?  I know that I feel awkward just dropping in to visit anyone that isn't immediate family.  But why?  I am a little bit jealous of people who are good friends with their cousins and extended family, and want to have that in my life.  I think maybe we are all afraid of interrupting schedules, and intruding where we might not be wanted?  Anyway... I love my family and want to be close to them.  I will have to work on taking the first step and reaching out. 

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Getting Bigger

I am working with an agency called Madison Cares for my internship.  I am getting an autism support group going in our community and promoting autism awareness.  April is National Autism Awareness month.  At our last support group meeting  I proposed that we do something to promote/support autism awareness during the month of April.  Someone suggested we make some posters about autism and put them up in public places.  OK... then someone suggested watching a movie or clip about what autism is.... OK.... It has now turned into the "Community Autism Awareness Event".  The  public library is letting me use their community room.  They are also putting up a display during the month of April about Autism and featuring all their materials on the subject. On April 2nd  I have 6 different agencies coming for an "open house" from 6 till 7, setting up displays and simulations about autism.  Then we are watching the movie Temple Grandin, at 7, and Madison Cares is providing free popcorn and water bottles.  I am really excited about this event and hope to get a good turnout.  I am meeting with a newspaper rep. this week for an interview about our support group and this event.  It has gotten a lot bigger than I am completely comfortable with, but I hope it is a good community activity and helps to educate people. 

Friday, March 1, 2013

I won! I won!

On Thursday I had a dentist appointment.  As I was checking in, I noticed a jar on the counter that invited me to sign my name and phone number on a slip of paper and enter it into their monthly drawing.  So, I did.  Today they called and told me that I won a $50 gift certificate to a day spa and a $25 certificate to Applebees!  I hardly ever win anything and am so excited!  It makes it seem like my check up was a fun experience!!