Saturday, April 27, 2013

Mini Vacation

Today we got up and went to Yellowstone for the day.  We stopped and Taco Time and got breakfast burritos and drank horchata as we drove.  We stopped at Mack's Inn to see Tony's uncle, Vance, and his family, then off to the park.  The weather was beautiful and it was fun to see the snow melting and signs of spring.  We saw elk and bison.  I was so excited to spot a wolf across the river.  We pulled over and spotted another one!  Tony took a bunch of pictures.  Later, we showed the pictures to a ranger and were disappointed to learn that they were only coyotes.... We stopped at all of the geysers between West Yellowstone and Old Faithful, and walked along the boardwalks, re-naming the geysers as we saw fit.  We watched an osprey catch a fish, ate a lot of trail mix, smelled the sulfer and had a really good day. 

Friday, April 19, 2013

Salt Lake Weekend

After graduating on Friday night, Tony, Jacob, and I took off for Salt Lake City on Saturday.  Grandma came and stayed at home with Erik and Emily, so they would not miss any school, and could have some fun time with her.  We stayed at the Kimball, just across the street from the Conference Center.  We spent most of our time on Temple Square and at the City Creek Mall.  We attended Music and the Spoken Word on Sunday morning, and were moved to tears by their powerful performance. Afterwards we went on a garden tour of Temple Square.  Then spent the rest of the day with Kent and Beth, eating delicious food and enjoying their family.  On Monday we went to the RS Building, the Church History Museum, and the Family History Library.  Then lunch at the Lion House.  After that, we had a tour of the Church History and Research mission on Temple Square.  It was amazing to see all the work that happens behind the scenes!  Then we headed for home to release Grandma from taking care of our kids, and to return to our regular lives.  It was a really good weekend.

Tony and Jacob doing a Mexican dance at the Church History Museum

Lunch at the Lion House.  YUM!

I Did It!!!!

Thank you to my sweet family for the many hours of doing without me, so that I could do homework and study.
Thanks to my parents for their many years of support and love.
Hooray!  I finally did it!  Bachelors Degree in Sociology, and very proud to finally finish.    

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Glad that week is over

Whew!  I'm so glad I've got that week over with!  It was my busiest one yet.  On Tuesday I had that Autism Awareness Event.  On Thursday I had to present my senior thesis paper (30 page research paper I have been working on for 4 semesters) at a research conference.  I also had a RS activity that night, combined with Erik's Eagle Scout project (sewing I Spy bags for kids with disabilities).  Tony was recovering from minor mouth surgery and a nasty cold.  All the kids also were sick.  Erik and Em both missed some school.  I had to take Erik to the doctor because he got a sinus infection and pink eye.  Jacob got sick too and I took him to convenient care yesterday because he had sinus infection, ear infection, and pink eye.  On Friday I had to turn in an internship report to let my supervisor know that I have fulfilled all the hours required for my internship.  I also had a final test, along with my regular homework.  Erik and Em were out of school on Thursday and Friday for their spring break, so I had to just leave them on their own.  I am so glad to have General Conference this weekend!  I get to lay around the house in my jammies, eating out of 72 hour kits so I don't have to cook, and everyone can rest and recover from their sickness.  Best of all I get to listen to the prophets and get inspired and "filled up" again! 

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Autism Awareness Event

Today is World Autism Awareness Day.  As part of my internship I put together a community autism awareness event with representatives from 5 agencies, autism simulation activities, and the movie "Temple Grandin".  We gave out blue glow sticks to "Light it up Blue" for autism.  We had just over 50 people show up, which I thought was rather successful, since I didn't know how many to expect.  I had 20 student volunteers helping with the activities, making popcorn, and helping with set-up and clean-up.  It was a fun evening, but I'm glad it is over!  The worst part was when we had to evacuate the building and the firemen came in all their gear because the popcorn machine was smoky and set off the fire alarm.....   all kinds of fun and adventure was had!  (That's twice in one month that I sort of caused buildings to be evacuated!)