Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry Christmas

I didn't get a family picture taken, send out Christmas cards, or make pretty cookies. I burned the caramels I was making this morning. My house is a mess, and I'm keeping my kids entertained in front of the tv. My Christmas tree is all dried out, and the popcorn garland is crumbling. Yet, despite it all, I'm feeling very merry! I have presents to give to the people I love (and they're even wrapped!). I am surrounded by good friends and family. I am warm and well fed. The snow is beautiful. Best of all, I get to celebrate the birth of a baby, who has made my life worth living. Merry Christmas everyone!!!!!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

BYU-Idaho or Bust

Two weeks ago, I was very content, living my busy little life in the Bitterroot.  On the Wed. before Thanksgiving, we got a call from BYU-I, wanting to interview Tony for a job.  Since we were heading down that way to eat turkey, we thought... "why not?"  So, last Monday Tony was in interviews all day while the kids and I shopped and checked out the town.  Then, yesterday, the school called again and offered us the job!  Tony told them we'd think about it.  The last I heard this morning was that we were thinking about it, and probably shouldn't say anything to anyone till we made a choice.  ( I knew that we were going to do it.)  Then, Tony sent me an e-mail saying that the 22nd would be his last day working for the bank!  He proceded to send a note to the several thousand people in his mailbox, saying that we are moving!  

I have such mixed feelings!!!  I'm excited about this new opportunity for Tony, and the benefits it will provide to our family.  I'm really struggling with leaving the town I grew up in, and all the people I love here.  The hardest part will be moving away from my parents.  I'm worried about the challenges a move will make for my kids... especially Jacob.  I'm excited about the new possibilities that lie ahead for the kids. 

I apologize if anyone feels like we have been "sneaky" or anything... but we really didn't know anything until today.  Now we need to concentrate on sorting and packing and selling our house.  I also apologize for being emotional... I just can't help it!!!!  Everything makes me cry, even happy things!!!!!  I'm just a mess!!!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Time for the Tree

Our family has a fun tradition of going up in the woods on the day after Thanksgiving, and cutting down our Christmas tree.  Usually there are sleds and hot cocoa involved.  Due to a number of circumstances, we did not have this fun (?) experience this year.  Emily and I went down to Albertsons and shoved a tree into the back of the van and hauled it home.  A few days ago, we put the lights on it, but didn't have time for any decorations.  Finally, this afternoon we were all home, and we put the ornaments on.  This is one of my favorite parts of Christmas.  Every year, since we have been married, each family member gets a "special" ornament for the tree.  It usually represents something that they accomplished, learned, or experienced.  I love to get out these ornaments and remember the times that each one represents.  I'm having a hard time coming up with ornaments for this year, though.  It seems that we are so busy just getting from day to day, that we haven't been taking time for the "good stuff".  Or, maybe I just need to find more "good stuff" in the everyday experiences.