Sunday, August 29, 2010

Welcome Back?!

OK.  I've set a goal to blog once a week.  I'm not great at keeping a journal, and this is going to be it... except for personal things that will get written in a "real" journal.  I'm learning that I just can't keep up on everything I want to and I'm going to have to pick the most most important.
This has been a busy week.  Last Sunday we had a death in the ward.  I spent a lot of time that day planning the funeral meal and helping to make food assignments.  Monday was spent cleaning house and doing laundry. Then I stayed up all night with Jacob because he had his EEG at 6:00 on Tuesday morning.  After getting back from Jacob's test, I spent the rest of the morning getting 2 hours of sleep and preparing for the funeral that was at 2:00.  The dinner was at 4:00 and I got home around 6:00.  I was very tired but it was a good day.  Then I worked in the garden while Tony hooked up a harrow and drove around our property.  On Wednesday, the kids started school.  I hosted a "back to school breakfast" for the ladies in our ward.  It was quite fun!  Then I had a RS presidency meeting before meeting Tony in town to exercise.  Then I got groceries and barely beat the kids home.  On Thursday I spent the morning cleaning, then went to Fong's for lunch with some friends.  Spent the afternoon re-arranging the visiting teaching routes and delivering assignments to ladies.  Friday was spent picking and canning green beans, picking apples from a few friends' trees, and doing my visiting teaching before going to work in the temple at night.  Saturday morning we cleaned the church with a couple other families, and went to some yard sales and the library.  Afternoon was spent cleaning, yard work, and making applesauce, along with canning more green beans.  Also gave the boys and Tony haircuts.  Today I went to church, took a nap, and did some reading.  Whew!!!!!  I'm ready to start again tomorrow!