Sunday, June 7, 2009

Stuff in our lives

I've been a terrible blogger lately!! I spend all my time in "survival mode" these days, and blogging is not a priority!

Emily got to be the star of her class play. Here she is as "Captain Comma". It was a great play! Em liked her part and was a great pirate captain!

School has been out for a week now, and we are having fun with summer classes. Jacob is taking an art class, Erik is in golf, Em is doing tennis, and I am stiff and sore from pilates! It's a good thing we have a reading program at the library and a movie program at the theater too, to keep us busy. We are having a hard time with no yard to mow and water and no garden to weed. I planted a couple tomatoes in pots, and the wind immediately whipped them to pieces!

We are enjoying all the activities available on campus. One of the kids favorite places is the "rock and mineral" display in the geology department. This shows the kids enjoying the crystals, and wishing they were rich enough to buy them!
We are getting very anxious to sell our house in Montana so we can buy a house here. We recently got a notice that all pets MUST be on a leash outside. Our cat is not happy. He yowls all night to be let out, and none of us enjoy listening to him. When we do put a leash on him, he fights it and we also look really silly! It's hard to keep 3 kids and a cat quiet and busy in this small apartment, and I won't be very sad to leave it!