Thursday, August 21, 2008

We're Off!!!

We are heading to the coast for one last fling before school starts. Our kids have been in 42 states, but that doesn't include Oregon!!! It is practically next door. We plan on cruising down Highway 101, possibly all the way down to San Fransisco. We are taking our tent and sleeping bags so if the weather is nice we can camp on the beach!! This will be a slow, relaxing trip, and I am really looking forward to it!!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Family Fun

Yesterday we went to Missoula after lunch, for some fun. Here are a few things we did.

Tony and Jacob playing in the "Water Works" at the Children's museum.

Em and I painting each others faces at the Children's museum.

Erik riding the carousel.

Collecting "stuff" and getting autographs at the Osprey baseball game.

Emily the Osprey fan.

Tony and his friend Coltin provided a little between-inning entertainment in their Sumo suits.

We all had a fun day!!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I REALLY Hate Spiders

What's with the spiders lately? I killed two really big ones today. For some reason, hobo spiders really love the stairs down to my basement. I go up and down the stairs dozens of times a day, and it would probably be hilarious for anyone watching me. I keep my broom near the top of the stairs, and my can of "Raid" at the bottom. First I open the door and do a swift glance around. If I see nothing, I peer over the rail to scan the lower portion. If I see anything, I grab for whatever killing agent is nearest and apply it with enthusiasm! If the coast looks clear, I quickly scamper down, being careful to keep my feet on the front edges of the step, because sometime the little buggers hide on the vertical parts that I can't see. At the bottom, I swiftly turn around and check the front of the steps. If I see any creepy-crawlies, they are promptly hosed down with spray, or smashed into atoms with my broom. Then I have to leap over the remains, not touching the step, to get back upstairs. It's a carefully calculated process, that only a true arachnaphobic would understand. To the rest of the world... I'm sure you have your goofy routines also!!!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Magic Beans

These are magic beans... the "magic thing about them is that my kids like them!!! They like the purple ones best of all, because they turn green as they cook. Pretty fun, huh? I don't really grow enough beans to can them, but I do freeze a few quarts every year to enjoy during the winter. Fresh beans in January is pretty "magical" too!!!

Monday, August 4, 2008

I Done Got Edgicatted

I had a great weekend at BYU-Idaho. Tony, Jacob, and I spent 3 days at Education Week. I love being in Rexburg... it brings back a lot of fun memories from my college days. This was Jacob's first year, and I don't think he was really impressed. He did love Marvin Goldstein's (pianist) classes. I love the chance to learn and be spiritually fed!!!

Tony and I are also BYU-Idaho Alumni Ambassadors for our area. In conjunction with Ed. Week, we had an Amassador Conference, which was very informative! We enjoyed one luncheon where we sat with and visited Henry J. Eyring. Now I know more about what my role as an ambassador should be, and I'm excited about it!!

We also swung down to Tony's hometown for "That Famous Preston Night Rodeo". It was fun, but the seating was too crowded. I highly recommend seeing the rodeo! We picked up Em and Erik from their Aunt Shara Kay. She has been wonderful and taken care of them for the past several years while we go to Education Week. I am so grateful for my husbands family and for all they do for us! Where would we be without our families!?!