Friday, May 15, 2009

Em's Field Day

Today I had the fun experience of helping with the Lincoln Elementary Field Day.  The theme was "boot camp".  After a last-minute trip to DI for some camouflage pants, we were ready for the day.  The kids had 10 stations to go to.  My job was basically the "pack horse".  I carried around various jackets, backpacks, water bottles, lunches, hats, scarves, etc.... and tried to keep up with the kids.  Occasionally I applied sunscreen or escorted kids to the "latrines".  It was nice to spend the day outside and get to know some of Emily's new friends.  

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Working in Montana

I made a very quick, spur of the moment trip back to Hamilton to do some work on our house. We've been praying and praying that it will sell soon. Tony and I decided that in order for us to try and hurry things along, a few jobs needed to be done. Thanks to the help of my parents, I got a lot done in a short time. My parents scraped the old paint off the inside front porch, and the outside back steps before I got there. Then, we scraped a bit more, primed, caulked, and started painting on Tuesday night. On Wednesday we got up early and did the rest of the painting. After a quick lunch at Perkins, we ran to Missoula for some vinyl tile. Then hurried back and spent the rest of the afternoon and evening laying it down. I think it looks 100% better than it used to. I just hope the time and money will be worth it, and that someone will buy my house soon!!!!!! It was a fun couple days...... THANKS MOM & DAD!!!!!